Windshield Replacement

We will completely replace your windshield and guarantee it not to leak. 

Most windshields now include black ceramic bands and dot matrix designs to trim out the edges. Many also include tinting and shading along the top. Windshields can also include options such as:

  • ANTENNAS: radio, cell phone and keyless entry. These replace antennas sticking up on the vehicle of your car.
  • GPS antenna made in the glass
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) to show your instrument panel on the windshield so you don't have to look away from the road to check your speed and other gauges
  • Night Vision Display So you can see a greater distance down the road for improved safety
  • Rain Sensors that automatically activate the windshield wipers to clear your view

Gene Burk Auto Glass can and will get you the correct replacement glass for your vehicle so you don't lose any of these value added features when your windshield needs to be replaced. 

Windshield Chip Repairs

"Saving" your existing windshield by keeping small damage from spreading. Usually chips no larger than a fifty-cent piece are repairable, as are cracks up to about 3". 

Our windshield repair technology forces the air out of the glass and replaces it with a resin. This resin cures to produce a windshield repair that is much stronger than if left un-repaired. You will still see the mark or "scar" on your windshield. Windshield repair is not designed to make the damage completely disappear, but to restore its structural integrity.

Rearview Mirror Bonded Back on Windshield

When that mirror on your windshield just doesn't want to stay, we can fix it for you. 

Outside Mirror (Glass Only) Replacement

You broke the glass on your outside mirror and the dealer is going to charge hundreds of dollars to fix it. We can fix most of them for under $35.

Side Window Replacement and Repair

Someone broke out that side window on your vehicle and now glass is everywhere. Not only will we install new glass, but we also vacuum the broken glass from your car and inside the door. 

We can also fix hand-crank and electric non-functioning windows. 

Back Glass

Your back glass is broken with a mess everywhere – and it had a defroster! We can install new glass with a defroster, and will vacuum the broken glass from your vehicle.

Defroster Repairs

Did the connector tab come un-bonded from your heated back glass? Think you need a new glass to make it work again?  We might be able to help!

Sliding Back Glass for Pickups

Always wanted a sliding backglass in your truck, but it came with he plain one?  We can change out your pickup back glass and give you that slider you have always wanted. 

VIN Etching

Want to keep your car from being a target for thieves?  Etching the VIN number into your windows means they would have to change all the glass in the car to get rid of the serial number. 

Buffing Glass Scratches

Do you have scratches in your glass, maybe from a bad windshield wiper or dirt in the molding when you rolled down the door glass? We can help.

Mobile Service

Mobile auto glass replacement is done every day throughout the country, and is often taken for granted by the consumer as a standard. We prefer to install your auto glass at our main location, as it can be done more efficiently and safely in a controlled environment. 

While we do offer mobile service, here are some factors to consider before requesting it:

  • When a new windshield is installed, it is bonded to the body of your vehicle with an adhesive known as urethane. There are many types of urethane and each has its own requirements for how long your vehicle must not be moved so it can safely dry. 
  • Most urethanes use heat and humidity from the surrounding air to cure. If it is too cold, or if there is no humidity in the air, it can take days or weeks for some urethanes to dry.
  • Driving a vehicle before the urethane cures can be dangerous. 
  • When the proper urethanes are used in the proper controlled environment – like our shop, your vehicle can safely be driven in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. 

If it is raining or misting outside, our mobile service units have the capability to cover your vehicle while working on it.

To remove a windshield, many modern cars require special tools that require air or electricity. Our mobile shop is equipped with a generator and air compressor.