Most windshields now include black ceramic bands and dot matrix designs around them to trim out the edges.  Many also include tinting and shading along the top.


Windshields can also include options such as:

  • ANTENNAS such as Radio, cell phone, and keyless entry.   These can keep you from having to have a antennas sticking up on the vehicle of your car.
  • GPS (global positioning system) antenna made in the glass.
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) to show your instrument panel on the windshield so you don't have to look away from the road to check your speed and other gauges.
  • Night vision Display  So you can see a greater distance down the road for improved safety
  • Rain Sensors that automatically activate the windshield wipers to immediately clear your view if something splashes up on it.
Gene Burk Auto Glass can and will get you the correct replacement glass for your vehicle so you don't lose any of these value added features when you get your windshield replaced.

What makes front windshields different?
First windshields are 2 pieces of glass laminated together with a PVB plastic lamination between them.
When windshields are struck with something and break the PVB in the middle is designed to hold the broken glass together as well as keeping the striking object from penetrating though and injuring you inside the car.  This PVB also serves as a safety barrier in a collision since it will help keep the vehicle occupants from being ejected as well as helping the windshield support the roof integrity to keep it from collapsing.

Most of the windshields that Gene Burk Auto Glass installs have the rear view mirror brackets already made on the glass from the factory.  In addition they have the cut outs in the black band so your VIN number will still be properly displayed after you get your new windshield.