• Glass is a structural component in today's automobiles. Your car relies on its glass to resist crushing on impact, and to keep you inside the vehicle in an accident. Also, windshields must be installed properly and stay in place for passenger side airbags to function properly in a crash.
  • Windshields are supposed to keep passengers inside the car during an accident. This is a federal safety standard. Nonetheless, it is vital that drivers and passengers use their seatbelts at all times to help keep them from being ejected from a car in a crash.
  • Passenger-side airbags rely on windshields to function properly. These airbags use the windshield as a "backstop" in deployment. The windshield needs to stand up against the force of the airbag, and remain in place. Proper glass installation is imperative for this to happen.
  • Auto glass must be installed properly to help the passenger compartment resist crushing in rollover accidents.
  • Auto glass is supposed to meet federal safety standards. The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards describe the required performance of windshields in these kinds of accidents. Standard 212 is for occupant retention, 216 for rollover and 218 for passenger airbags.
  • It is illegal to use adhesives such as silicone to install automotive windshields. Only Automotive Grade Urethane should be used.

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