We may not always have the best price, but we will always have the best deal.
Needing your windshield replaced and looking for the cheapest price?
That's understandable, but here are some facts you should know about windshield replacement that should be considered along with the price.

  • Most of what you are paying for is hidden underneath moldings and the black band on the windshield.  Even if the job looks "ok" to you, there may be hidden damage underneath.

2002 Ford Taurus with RUST under the windshield.  Here is the results of a windshield installation that used silicone. The owner did not know for over a year what was happening to their vehicle from the last time they had it replaced and it was done improperly.  They had only had the vehicle one year when this was done by another glass shop.
The windshield had begun to leak because the metal that the windshield bonds to had rusted and the silicon was beginning to turn loose. Now to make the car drivable and leak proof again they had to spend several hundred dollars having the rust repaired so the windshield could be installed correctly, plus the headliner and electronics in the dash had also been wet potentially causing more problems.

  • Your windshield is more than just a piece of glass that you look through and NO it is not all the same.  When windshields are manufactured they only have to meet DOT (Department of Transportation) FMVSS requirements.  Glass manufactures can say it fits your car and it might, but if it is not a precise match to the body of your vehicle then you may have water leaks and air leaks from the gaps where the bends in the glass do not match the bends in the body of the vehicle.  In some cases this can also lead to the glass stress cracking and then you have to buy another windshield.
  • Even if you have your windshield installed and water checked you could have hidden problems.  Some installers skip the costly steps of priming the glass and the body which can lead to the adhesive turning loose after your drive the car.  In addition the lack of use of primers on the body can cause your car to rust several months or years after you had the windshield installed.

Gene Burk Auto Glass uses only quality glass and adhesives.  We never shortcut your installation by leaving out the primers, or any other critical components to your windshield installation.