Door Glass Repairs

Electric or manual crank windows not working we can fix them.  Below are a few of the most common symptoms and what it may take to fix them.  Of course this is for informational purposes only.


Is your door glass leaning forward and jumping out of track when you try to roll it up?We can fix it.  Normally there are clips that fasten to your door glass to guide it straight up in the channels.  We stock most of these parts and can usually fix it for under $50.00 and usually even the same day.

Is it stuck and you don't hear anything when you try to roll it and it won't move?  There are two things that are most common with this symptom.  Either the window motor in that door has went out or the switch that rolls that window has went bad. Switches are normally wired in series so if there is more than one switch that operates the window they will all stop operating even if only one is bad.  We can check this for you at no charge and give you a estimate on what it will take to get it going again.

You hear the motor running but the glass does not move or only moves a little then it may start making a loud grinding noise?  That may be a sign that the gear has stripped out in the window motor and when it gets to the teeth that are broke it is slipping.  For some motors we can get a gear kit to minimize the cost as opposed to replacing the entire window motor.  If the motor has to be replaced we can get new as well as remanufactured on many of them.

Do you hear the window motor run then it may bind up and stop?  Most likely you have a cable regulator that moves your window and the cable has broken.  We can replace your regulator on these.

Just bring your vehicle in to us and we will make sure exactly what is needed to get your window going again for you.