Buffing Scratches

Many people come to us with scratches in their glass.  Some of the most common reasons glass gets scratched is from:

  • Windshield wipers not being replaced frequently enough and the metal that holds the wiper blade begins scratching  the glass when it is raining.  Replacing your wipers often is cheap insurance against ruining your windshield.
  • Door glasses get dirt and mud on them then when you roll the glass the dirt gets trapped between the molding and glass and scratches it more and more each time you roll your window up and down.  When you notice a lot of dirt on your glass we recommend cleaning them before rolling them down.  When washing your car it often helps to run water along the edge of the molding where the glass rolls down in the door to help wash away any dirt that may be trapped.
  • in the winter months people often scratch their windows with ice scrapers trying to remove ice.  Normally if you are scraping hard enough to remove frozen ice you are going to be scratching the glass underneath.  We recommend pouring cool water down from the roof and letting it run down the glass to help free the ice first.  DO NOT USE HOT WATER or throw water directly on the glass  quick temperature changes from that can cause your glass to break.

If you do end up with scratched glass you can run your fingernail across it.  If you feel it catching in the scratch then we most likely cannot remove the scratch.   We are able to remove some scratches from glass, but are very limited because as we polish the glass it will begin to distort and make the glass even worse.  We can always look at your scratches for you at no charge if you would like to bring your vehicle by.