Mobile Services


Mobile service is one of the most highly debated issues surrounding auto glass professionals. Mobile auto glass replacement can and is done every day throughout the country and is often taken for granted by the consumer.

Here are some factors to consider before requesting mobile auto glass service:
1. When your new windshield is installed in your vehicle normally it is bonded to the body of your vehicle with an adhesive known as urethane. There are many types of urethane and each has its own requirements for how long your vehicle must not be moved so it can safely dry. The faster the urethane is able to dry the more expensive it is. Most urethanes use heat and humidity from the surrounding air to cure. If it is to cold for the type of urethane used or if there is no humidity in the air it can take days or weeks for some urethanes to dry. When the proper urethanes are used in the proper surroundings your vehicle can safely be driven in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. Some glass shops may not inform you of the dangers of driving a vehicle before the urethane cures, for more information about this see the Safety page of our web site or read the article about an unsafe windshield installation that was involved in an accident.
2. If it is raining or misting outside make sure the glass shop you choose has the capabilities to cover your vehicle while they work on it.

3. Many modern cars require special cut out tools to remove the old windshield. These tools require air or electricity to operate make sure if the shop has a generator and/or air compressor on board.