Gene Burk Auto Glass provides both inside and outside mirror replacements for most vehicles.  We also bond your inside mirror back on your windshield when it comes loose.  Mention our web page and we will bond it at no cost (FREE).


  • Cost Effective - less expensive to buy and quicker to install than an entire mirror head.
  • OEM Appearance - Passenger side convex mirrors have "Objects Are Closer..." insignia.
  • Easy to Sell - Packaged individually, both flat and convex Redi Cuts are available.
  • Glare-Reducing - "First surface" glass allows headlight glare to pass through the mirror.


  • High-Quality - made in the U.S.A. to meet OEM specifications.
  • Added Functionality - models available with lights and compasses. Note - additional wiring required if original mirror didn't have these options.