Facts about Windshield Chip Repair

Did you know that the repair may be fully covered by your insurance company?
Most insurance companies will waive glass breakage deductibles to encourage chip repairs before they become large cracks, requiring windshield replacement which could cost both the insurance company and your self more money. We'll help you check it out.

Usually chips no larger than a fifty-cent piece are repairable, as are cracks up to about 3". Windshield repair technology forces the air out of the glass and replaces it with a resin. This resin cures to produce a windshield repair that is much stronger than if it is left un repaired.

You will still see the mark or "scar" on your windshield. This is normal. Windshield repair is not designed to make the damage completely disappear, but the repair will restore the structural integrity of your windshield.

Common Questions about windshield chips.

Q. Can long cracks be repaired?
A. YES and NO, Long cracks can sometimes be repaired, but the results are usually unsatisfactory. The crack will still be visible, and the overall strength of the glass is compromised. We recommend replacing a windshield that has long cracks. Many times the amount of repair resin that must be used in long cracks makes the cost unfeasible also.

Q. Will I be able to see the chip after it's repaired?
A. YES, Once repaired, a chip will be less noticeable, but you will most likely still be able to see the outline. Some chips repairs look better than others. The sooner a chip is repaired after the damage has occurred, the better the result, since it will be less likely to have dirt or wiper fragments in it.

Q. What is the driver's "critical viewing area"?
A. The driver's critical viewing area is a section of the windshield directly in front of the driver when they are sitting in the vehiclefacing forward. Chip repairs are not recommended in this area of the windshield since the break will still be visible and a possible distraction.

Q. Will a repair keep my windshield from continuing to crack?
A. YES but only up to a certain point. Having a chip repair done on your vehicle will strengthen the break and help keep it from cracking. However it is still a weak point in your windshield and can possibly continue to crack from there, especially if the windshield gets under a high amount of stress.

Q. Is there a chance of my windshield breaking or getting worse while a repair is being done?
A. YES, that is a possibility, but it is rare. The glass is in a fragile state and is put under some stress during the repair process and can get worse. This is more likely to happen if the break is close to the edge of the glass where it is bonded to the vehicle.