Back Glasses

Most back glasses are made of tempered safety glass and when they break they shatter into small pieces.  This design is for your safety.  Instead of leaving large pieces of glass that would cause very serious cuts these small pieces of glass are much less likely to hurt you.

Back glasses come with many options depending of the type of vehicle you have.  Some of the most common options include:

  • Privacy Tint - This is a darker tint than the front windshield or front door glasses will have.  Most times this option is only available on SUV's, vans, and extended or crew cab pickups. Click the pic below to see the difference.  The front window is the standard green tint (almost clear) the rear windows are privacy.
  • Heated - Heated or Defroster back glasses clear the frost from the glass by you pushing a switch on the dash that causes the lines that are made one the glass to heat up.
  • Antenna - Many times the antenna lines will look the same as the defroster lines so you might not even realize their is an antenna in your glass.  Antennas can be for the AM/FM radio, a built in cell phone, your keyless remote, as well as satellite (GPS) systems.

We offer a complete line of aftermarket sliding back glasses for your pickups.  Our sliders come with the Dark Gray tint made in the glass and black frames.  The latches are either metal or self locking spring loaded when you close them.